Norwegian International Boat Show 2016

2016 will be the year for the 60 years anniversary of the Norwegian International Boat Show. Today, this is Norway’s largest boat show, and was arranged for the first time at Frognerkilen back in 1956.

The Norwegian International Boat Show 2015

In 2015 the Norwegian International Boat Show was yet again hosted at Norway Trade Fairs, with a new concept coming to life. With an entire exhibition hall aimed toward the high end segment in Norway, a lot of activities for the whole family, prominent guest speakers, water shows by international superstars and more, the boat show was of great success. The Norwegian International Boat Show increased with an outstanding 56% in visitor numbers, compared to 2015, and a total of 25 863 people visited the boat show.

This will happen in 2016

March 9 – 13 will be the dates for the Norwegian International Boat Show in 2016, and the work has already begun. What are we doing? We are dedicated to have the full spectra of equipment, boats and water sports.

The luxurious pavilion will yet again display high end products for the visitors. Regardless if it is motorboats, sailboats or equipment, this is where people will find that segment. In the near future, we will offer exhibitors designed stand solutions, which will ease the exhibit and create an environment with luxurious touch.

Same for 2015, the activity hall will contain a 20 x 30 meters water area. The visitors can experience water shows and test out different water based activities. Everyone in the family will be able to find something they like here.

Ever since 1956, the Norwegian International Boat Show has been a venue for people with an interest in boats. This will, and should, be the aim for the boat show even in the future. We strongly believe that reason behind the success of 2015 were the diversity within boats, equipment and entertainment. Hence, we continue to evolve this concept for 2016, which will not only be the celebration of 60 years of the boat show, but also for a traditional, modern and interactive boat show.

Want to exhibit at the Norwegian International Boat Show?

Stand rental:

Stand rates boats (without furnishing) per sq.m stand:
12-50 sq.m. NOK 950,-
51-150 sq.m. NOK 850,-
151-300 sq.m. NOK 740,-
300-600 sq.m. NOK 690,-
600 sq.m. and larger NOK 645,-

Other products/services per sq.m stand:
9-50 sq.m. NOK 985,-
51-150 sq.m. NOK 895,-
Larger than 151 sq.m. NOK795,-

V.A.T will be charged as per Norwegian rules and regulations, currently 25%.

Members of Norboat are entitled to a discount on their stand rates:

9 – 50 sq.m. NOK 1000,-
51-150 sq.m. NOK 2000,-
Larger than 151 sq.m. NOK 5000,-

However, membership must be signed and service fee paid when registration is made.

Registration fee: NOK 4.500,-

For further information or questions, please contact Joyce Christine Andersen, tel. +47 918 13 340
Click here to fill out our register form.

Welcome as an exhibitor at the Norwegian International Boat Show 2016!

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